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dyke_riot's Journal

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dykeRIOT! ;
We are women, a term we define very flexibly. We are ever changing. We are beautiful in our own ways, powerful and outspoken. We're not afraid to be silly. We're not afraid to speak our mind, judge when and however appropriate. We are true to ourselves, expressive and craving change. It's not fair to expect much of anything out of a riot. What does a riot entail, if not unrestrained massive movement? It holds no particular weight or direction. It's just a catalyst in and of itself. What we're trying to say is, everyone will get something different out of this community. Some people are here to have fun. Some people are here to express themselves. Some people are here for support. Some for sister/zisterhood. Some for causing a ruckus. Some in the name of art.
If you don't find what you're looking for, we're sorry... but maybe you're not looking hard enough, or maybe we're just not for you. We can respect that. Maybe you're just not ready for change. Or maybe you're not ready to get on your soapbox and make a personal declaration.

And with that, welcome to Dyke_Riot!, a 16+ (friends only) rating community for bicurious, bisexual, lesbian, queer and transgender rioteers. Accept no substitutes!

RIOT!mods ;
Meet 'em & Greet 'em!

miss_watson - rareeshow - vulpine_frenzy

dirty__glamour - unearthingbone

RIOT!squad ;
the RIOT!squad is coming soon...

RIOT!superlatives ;
Coming soon...

RIOT!rules ;
- Please note: These rules all have an important purpose. Each rule helps keep the community organized and running smoothly. Please follow them. If you have trouble with anything or if something is unclear, feel free ask one of the moderator's and they will gladly help.
001. You must be bisexual/lesbian/pan/trans/queer, and at least 16+ years of age to join this community. All joinings will be approved by the moderators.
002. Once your membership is approved, post your application within two days or you will be removed from the community.
003. When applying, put "RIOTRIOTRIOT(*insert application level here*)!" & in the parenthesis include your application level (either Advanced, Intermediate, or Basic). "We want a REVOLUTION!" belongs in the lj-cut.
004. Nobody wants to read a short, boring, uninformative application. So put some effort into your application and show us as much as your personality that you can. We recommend longer answers so we can get a feel of who you are. None of the questions on the application are optional, so fill out every question.
005. When we ask, "Could you start a riot?" your answer should be "Grab your gun and cock it. Girls do it better and we know it!". If you don't put this we will know that you didn't read the rules and you will probably get a lot of no votes.
006. All entries must be made FRIENDS ONLY!
007. You may comment on your application, but you are not permitted to post or comment ANYWHERE until you are stamped as accepted. If you are found doing so you will immediately be rejected and banned.
008. Feel free to speak your mind here, as long as it doesn't start drama. Childish name-calling and insults will only show us that you are unintelligent and that you don't belong here. People who intentionally start drama will be dealt with accordingly by the moderators of the community.
There are two applications to pick from. You don't have to fill out both of them. You only have to fill out one. So please pick the one you are most comfortable filling out.
As a community, we want to encourage activism, strength of mind, debating, etc. So, the Advanced application contains questions that are more or less geared towards advanced feminism and gender theory.

Some applicants that apply aren't as knowledgeable about their own sexuality, let alone advanced feminism and gender theory. For this reason, we have created an Basic application. This application contains the best of both worlds; simple, basic "get to know you" questions & feminism and gender theory. Not too hard...not too easy...just right!

RIOT!members ;
001. BE ACTIVE. Make your membership to dyke_riot worthwhile by being actively involved in the community.
002. Once accepted, your posts will be unmoderated and you may post anything you like. But please, keep all posts on topic (meaning don't flood the community with nonsense) and make sure they're "Friend's Only".
003. Lj-cut's are your friend, so for large posts and pictures don't forget to use one.
003. NSFW (not safe for work, things of an adult nature) materials are welcome, but need to be completely behind an lj-cut, along with a warning! NSFW materials may only be posted by accepted members 18+ years of age. If you are a minor, please do not post sexual or provocative pictures of yourself. Plain and simple, we will not tolerate it.
004. When voting you should always put your vote (yes, no, or sway) in the subject line and give a reason with your vote.
005. We encourage you to speak your mind, however, don't start a drama war. You should be HONEST, but don't go out of your way to insult someone. People who intentionally start drama will be warned, and removed from the community if the drama does not stop.
006. Don't promote your communities to us. If you want us to promote your community become an affiliate. Click here to become an affiliate.
007. If you wish to leave the community, please comment here and let us know you're leaving. If you need to go on hiatus, please comment here and let us know when you are leaving and when you will be returning. If you decide to change your user name, you must let the moderators know. You can do so on this post here.

RIOT!activities ;
The themes and activities listed below will be updated monthly. There will be several themes and activities running through out the course of the month so you can either participate in one, two, all or none. It's your choice.

Choose a subject of your choice (whether it be politics, science, technology, ect.) and educate the community. You can choose ANYTHING. There are only two rules however. Whatever you decide to educate us on has to be well researched and important to you. Get creative, wild and crazy, or down and dirty. Go all out, but make it your own.

They are beautiful in each and every single way. Not to mention, they totally kick ass. That's why dyke_riot brings you herstory.
who was the first woman that made you realize you weren't straight? spill the story!

Photo theme
How do you celebrate your body?

Intellectual discussions and debates
We all have an opinion. Time to voice it.
Coming soon...

Scavenger Hunt
Coming soon...

Top Ten
Coming soon...

RIOT!miscellaneous ;

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